Contemporary music, Jazz, Urban

Father Alien

Father Alien is an unclassified project, created with no genre in mind, just music and emotions. Labels are something that  we like to leave to the media. Our goal is to make you think, laugh and dance. As Aliens from a distant world we still believe that there is good and creativity out there to be found.

Periko Ráez. Percussion and composer.
The first time he had a sticks on his hand he was 7 year old… and he has it until now.

Junaum De Luca aka “Brad Beat”, Electronic and Visuals.
Born in Tremembé, Vale do Paraíba, São Paulo - Brazil, where he grew up listening to Brazilian popular music, Mpb, Samba, Bossa nova, and letter on Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz. Since a young age influenced by family reunions, which was always a good moment for some music and fun.